Teach your kids to use a spoon

teach your kids to use a spoon some tips

Teach your kids to use a spoon with these simple tips we have to give you. So your baby grows a happy child, you must pay attention to a few things, such as potty training tips. Well, now that your little one already eats with his fingers, you can think about inserting the spoon on his meals. Don’t you know how to do this? Take a look at some tips! 

Teach your kids to use a spoon – Follow these tips! 


Your baby is growing from day to day, and he is making progress every hour that passes. But is he now prepared to eat with a spoon? Look!teach your kids to use a spoon some tips


Before attempting to introduce the spoon, you need to realize if your child is ready to use it. Note the signs that your child sends to you. If he can already get the food with his fingers and starts to look at you and try to get the same cutlery that you then is likely to be the right time to start learning to eat alone with the help of the spoon.


To teach your kids to use a spoon you must have the properly cutlery. The size of the spoon is very important. Larger spoons will not enter the mouth of the child, so you should choose a spoon of the same size of a teaspoon. There are spoons in stores for babies, which are lighter, plastic and round on top to facilitate handling. teach your kids to use a spoon 7 tips


At the beginning use two spoons, one for your child and one for you. This way you will continue to give food to your child and he will also experience. It is normal that at first your child uses the spoon to hit the dish, toss the food to the ground, but you will see that in time, and a lot of dedication, he will learn to use a spoon. Do not forget that your child needs time to adapt, and this is not something you learn from one day to another.


Show your child how he should hold the spoon in hand. Help him to put it in the hand correctly and show him how he should do this. Then direct the spoon slowly to his mouth. While he is learning you can use two bowls. One for him with less food, and one for you feed your child.teach your kids to use spoon 7 tips


You do not just put a spoon in the hand of your son. You should also choose foods strategically. Start by more dense and thick foods. So they will be firmer on the spoon. Try yogurt, flan or cottage cheese. They are excellent to teach your kids to use a spoon.

When he is making progress, you can already introduce finer purees and finally the soups.


Children learn by imitation and repetition, so the best way to show your child how he must eat is eating too! Always make family meals. This way your child will learn the skills to eat alone, as well as communication and table manners.teach your kids use spoon 7 tips


Do not forget to praise your child whenever he accomplish a step. It is essential for him to feel motivated to learn more and more!

Follow this steps and I am sure you will succeed! Do you know any other tips to teach your kids to use a spoon? Let us know!

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