Pros and cons of using pacifier

all Pros and cons of using pacifier

Know the Pros and cons of using pacifier! Most of the mums have doubts when we talk about pacifiers. Some people say that we should use them, other warn against it. But what is the real truth? That’s what we are going to check today. Also, check our post about choosing your paediatrician and growing a happy child. They can help you too! 

Mums have in pacifiers a great ally. And indeed, nothing easier and faster than putting a pacifier in the baby’s mouth, is not it? But it has losses for the kids? Will you have more advantages than just calm him down? That is what we are going to see now checking the Pros and cons of using pacifier!

Know the Pros and cons of using pacifier!


Should you give a pacifier to your baby? Or should you look for other alternatives? This you can only find out after analysing the Pros and cons of using pacifier. 

Pros of using pacifier

all Pros and cons of using pacifier

Did you know that pacifiers can save the life of your baby? That’s right! A recent study showed that use of pacifiers lowers the risk of sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS). When a baby is sucking the pacifier, he ends up not sleeping so deeply, and he wakes up more easily than the others. For this reason, they have been less subject to SIDS.

There are also studies that argue that sucking on a pacifier helps to open the airspace around the mouth all Pros and cons of using a pacifierand nose, which makes your baby receives sufficient oxygen levels. As the SIDS levels are now very low, the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending giving the pacifier to your baby at bedtime (at night and during naps).

Another advantage of using a pacifier is that you control the use of it by your baby. You decide when to give the pacifier and when to take, unlike the thumb which is always there, and it is the baby who decides when to use it, or not.

This is important especially when it comes to knowing when your baby should stop sucking on a pacifier or finger. It is easier to stop the use of pacifiers than the finger.

Cons of using pacifiers

Pros and cons of pacifier

Now that we have seen the pros, let’s take a look at the cons. Only analysing the Pros and cons of using pacifier we can make a good decision.

The biggest risk of using a pacifier is to your baby get addicted to it. If this addiction develops, it will be very difficult to break this habit, especially when your baby enters that stage to be more inflexible to your rules, wanting only to respect his wishes.

You can create a bad habit. Not only is the baby who ends up getting attached to the pacifier, you too. For whatever reason you give a all Pros and cons of pacifierpacifier to your baby, preventing him from crying?

Know that you may be ignoring the real reasons for the crying of your baby (from stomachache to a wet diaper). This can cause a baby who just feel happy with something in his mouth, unable to console himself with other things. Although it is not proven, some people still point out that this may be one of the causes of the habit of nail biting in children.

Do you already know if you are going to use the pacifier? Don’t forget that you decide. Analyse the Pros and cons of using pacifier and then make your own decision!

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