Potty Training Tips

Fantastic Potty Training Tips

Do you need Potty Training Tips? We are here to help with one of the most stressful struggles of your toddler’s life,  ditching diapers! There are some useful tips that we will share with you to make this experience as fun as possible.

Some Potty Training Tips

Take a look at our Potty Training Tips!

One stressful achievement at a timeSome Potty Training Tips

Ditching Diapers is already enough headache for your little one, so don’t do it when you want him to ditch his pacifier, it’s too much for him,  and it’s too much for you.  We know how badly you want him to stop using diapers and pacifiers because he’s all grown up, but let’s do each thing at a time. Don’t worry, no child goes to university wearing diapers!

Patience is the key to success

Patience,  patience, patience! He will not use his potty correctly as soon as you introduce him to it, or it is very unlikely. Your child needs to feel relaxed and secure each time he tries and fails or achieves. Feeling that you are supportive is probably the most important part of the process. Take a look at other Potty Training Tips!

The perfect timinggreat Potty Training Tips

No Child behaves the same way or has the same needs, we can’t expect him to do something just because his brother,  cousin, or friend does it because he may not be ready.

A good sign to know your little one is ready for the potty is when he shows interest in the bathroom,  hides or walks away when we pees, asks to be changed right away.

No one knows your child better than you,  so when you feel he is ready,  it’s time to give it a go. If he shows no interest in the potty, maybe it’s Best if you wait to try again.

Hey, it’s summertime!

The Best season for potty training is summer time. See our Potty Training Tips!

When saying goodbye to diapers, it’s normal to have some incidents, so to make it less painful for your kid, you should wait until summer time so he doesn’t feel uncomfortable if he accidently wets his clothes.

A little bribe is healthyFantastic Potty Training Tips

When potty training, I told my daughter that I would give her 2 m’ms if she used the potty,  and 4 if she would clean herself. Of course, the last one was more complicated because they feel it is yucky but it sure helped!

Positive reinforcement

Not all parents like bribes, so you can try to congratulate your child every time she accomplishes to use the potty by making a potty dance or song, or simply tell them how proud you are of their accomplishment.

Follow these Potty Training Tips and your toddler will be using the potty in no time! Also, contact your pediatrician for further information!

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