How to mediate between brothers fights


We know that brothers always have fights, but parents need to know how to mediate between brothers fights. It is important that you make children understand they need to be like brothers, respecting each other. Just an idea, before we start with our problem, if you are going to have a birthday party, try this clown show. It’s just awesome! Do not forget to have a look at our posts too, such as counseling for kids at school or growing a happy child

Conflicts between brothers have several causes, so parents need to pay attention to the reason that is making brothers have a fight.

It can be divergences about a TV program, or about toys, or it can happening for a more complex process, for example, jealous, or difficulty in sharing things, attention, or even mom care.

It doesn’t matter if the reason of the fights is something small or more complex. The both need mediation, so we are going to tell you how to mediate between brothers fight.

How to mediate between brothers fights – Bring peace back! 

The first thing to remember, as a parent is that you are the role model. That is, your child sees you, and your spouse, as role models, as an example. So the way you solve a dispute, whether between the couple, or between your children, other relatives, or friends, will be a reference for your kids.

It’s how you deal with these disputes that will tell your child how to face the difficulties, frustrations and disappointments. So more important than knowing how to mediate between brothers fight, is to set an example!


So the first tip is to know intervene! Intervening in a brothers fight aggressively, with threats, name-calling, or coercion, gives the idea to children that it is legitimate to solve their issues with a fight, because that’s what you teach them.


Then you need to understand that children live different realities, even though they live in the same house, so they can not be seen as equals.

Each child has different repertoires of coping, and you need to recognize what they are.

We must not forget also that they have different ages, so younger children usually act more impulsively than older children, and should take this into account.


But how to mediate between brothers fight? Well, first we have to see the consequences of the fight. If the fight reached the physical violence, then first you have to contain them without aggressions and no screaming, just separate both and wait until the two become calm.

Do it firmly, without losing control. After all, you are the parent, then they should feel that you are serious.

Once they are calmer, then one at a time, will explain the views on the reasons which have led the fight.

Listen without prejudice. In other words, forget the idea that it is always one child beginning, and he has done this or that. Listen to them impartially. This type of trial, as though always pointing the finger at the same person, can cause serious damage to your child’s life and can even lead to a depression.

Now you will begin to realize how to mediate between brothers fight.

After each exposes their reasons, you may begin to realize that the hurt that was between them decreases, and may ask them to apologize to each other.

It is very important that you work with your children the empathy, the ability to look the other way, to see what the other needs.

Then you must specify how you want them to behave in situations of the same kind.

Do not forget that they are children, and as such, regardless of age, need to be instructed on how to act and interact. The role of parents is to keep calm and patience, establishing rules and teaching appropriate behaviors. This is how to mediate between brothers fight.

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