Homemade snacks for babies

homemade snacks for babies fruits

There is nothing like homemade snacks for babies. It’s healthier and you don’t need to spend all morning preparing them. You can cook them while your baby is entertained with some activities, and you are going to realise it is quite easy. Talk to your paediatrician, he can help you choosing the best ingredients to give to your baby, so he can grow a happy child

First of all, you need to know which ingredients you can use in your baby’s snacks. As you know, more he grows, more ingredients you can include in his meals. So it’s important to talk to your baby’s doctor to make sure you are giving him the correct ones.

Because it is quite hard to plan babies’ meals without knowing their exact age, we are going to give your homemade snacks for babies with 10 months.

Some healthy homemade snacks for babies

You have many options when you are cooking snacks for your little one. We are going to tell you some of them.


Don’t forget to include fruits in your baby’s snacks. This must be your first option because your baby needs to ingest at least two fruit portions a day. You can scrap an apple, or give him a banana, peach, pear, mango, melon, homemade snacks for babies fruitswatermelon, and grapes.

Don’t forget to take off the grapes of the fruits. You can serve them kneaded, boiled, or roasted. You can also make a pap with them. Avoid sugar. Instead of it use black plum, apricots or raisins.

And don’t forget, never, but never use honey in your homemade snacks for babies!


It’s true, you can offer your little baby vegetables in the middle of the morning and afternoon. Therefore, bhomemade snacks for babies vegetablesabies don’t care if it’s morning, night, afternoon, and so on. This way you can offer them raw carrot (or if you like you can serve it steamed), fresh baked and cold peas, boiled corn, cucumber stick, Cherry Tomato, in a way that your baby can grab them with his fingers.


There are many recipes for cakes without gluten and especially cow milk. The best one is the carrot cake. But avoid giving it to your baby many times as homemade snacks for babies. At the most 1 day a week.

homemade snacks for babies pastaPASTA

You can serve up a little pot of pasta during the snack of your baby. Temper with a little olive oil, salt, and parsley. You can add tomato pieces, or carrot as well. Ideally, serve it cold.


Pay attention to dried homemade snacks for babies dry fruitsfruits because they have enormous potential allergenicity. Offer small amounts at a time. Try to give him cashew nuts in the form of flour on top of other fresh fruit. It’s an excellent option for homemade snacks for babies. 


homemade snacks for babies breadBabies love to suck french bread. Serve to your baby whole grain bread. You can cut it into strips. It’s an excellent snack and this way you are accustoming your baby with whole grain foods.

Aren’t these ideas easy and fast to cook? Enjoy our ideas and then let us know if your baby liked them. Do you have any other ideas for homemade snacks for babies? Tell us! We are very curious!

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