Hay fever in kids during summer

hay fever kids during summer

Have you ever heard about Hay fever in kids during summer? You need to pay attention to the symptoms so you can act as soon as possible. Check everything in this post. Also, have a look at our previous posts about breastfeeding myths and realities and educational toys for kids development

All the people look forward to the spring and the summer. But the truth is that the warmer seasons bring not only joy, as some problems that are associated with the disease of children.

The cause of the torment is hay fever (pollinosis or pollen allergy). The discomfort is evident, and the cause is right in the pollen of trees, grasses, and various herbaceous plants.

 Hay fever in kids during summer: Symptoms


Symptoms of Hay fever in kids during summer are many and various, but the most common are:

  • burns
  • redness
  • Ocular swelling and lachrymation
  • sneezing
  • obstruction or heavy stuffy nose
  • intense itching

The appearance of the symptoms of hay fever, as well as its severity and intensity, depend on the amount of allergens present in the air and the degree of sensitization of the individual.hay fever in kids during summer tips

It is proved that hay fever derived from a genetic predisposition, and about 50% to 90% of people who suffer from hay fever have a history of allergy in the family.

Hay fever and allergies increase during childhood and reach the peak during adolescence. The pollution has been linked as a cause, although there is contestation.

Hay fever in kids during summer: Treatment 


Treatment depends on the severity of symptoms. It may be offered therapy at certain stages, pharmacological treatment, and immunotherapy. Let’s look at the treatments for Hay fever in kids during summer: 

  • Chromones prevent the release of histamine and act on the nasal bleeding and discomfort. Its action is short, and therefore it is necessary to run it several times a day.
  • Antihistamines inhibit the action of histamine and shown to be very effective on most of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Although the old antihistamines provoke drowsiness, today they are more tolerated.
  • Local corticosteroids have an anti-inflammatory action, and its action holds on nasal obstruction.
  • Local decongestants can be used to reduce nasal bronchi obstruction, but must pay attention to the frequency of use, it should be used for a short time.hay fever kids during summer

Here are some complications of hay fever in kids during summer. Although hay fever itself is not a serious disease, it disturbs and is constantly increasing in prevalence.

The main complications found in hay fever are:

  •  Changes in sleep, sleep disorders
  • Development of allergy to pollens and other allergens
  • Decrease in quality of life
  • Development of chronic rhinitis
  • Development of benign tumors in the nasal cavity (nasal polyps)
  • allergic asthma development that can lead to chronic asthma

Here are some tips so you can avoid the hay fever discomfort.

  1. Get out on the street during or immediately after rainfall.
  2. Sleep with your windows closed to prevent pollen from entering your room.
  3. Always use sunglasses during the flowering periods.
  4. Choose to go to regions with a lower presence of pollen during your holiday, as the sea.
  5. Wash your home at least once a week with wet cloths.
  6. Remove carpets and home curtains.
  7. Wash sheets and pillowcases at least once a week.

Hope I have helped you with my tips and advises about hay fever in kids during summer. 

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