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One of the questions that the majority of the parents asks themselves and to others is: How can I grow a happy child? The truth is, there are lots of books dedicated to explaining how growing a happy child, lots of academic studies about children’s behavior, psychologists and people who work with children that learn in school and college some techniques for dealing with children, making them capable of understand what they think and how to make them happy. But are they getting good results?

How growing a happy child?

Despite all of this, the truth is: there isn’t a real answer to this question, because each child is different, has his own personality, his own ideas and thoughts.

And probably that’s why this question kind of terrifies parents nowadays, because there isn’t a general and a worldwide answer that you can simply use on a daily basis, like a list of things to do to make your kid growing a happy child.

But, fortunately, there are plenty of tips that can help parents, tips about growing a happy child that should be considered and adapted to each kid.

Ø Give them a Pet

growing a happy child petsMost of the children want a pet, even if they don’t realize in the moment when they ask, that taking care of a pet is much more than simply “having” a pet.

Lots of parents have the tendency to say “no”, but the truth is, a pet is an incredible buddy for a kid, especially if they grow up together. It takes a lot of responsibility too, so it also helps your child becoming more independent and observant, and of course, growing a happy child.

A cat or a dog is one of the best companies that children can have, they are always with them and are also a good company to play and to have fun with!

Ø Don’t always say “Yes”

Parents know that one of the most difficult things to say to a child is the word “no” – because it usually ends up with kids crying, yelling and being upset.

Anyway, saying no is a good way to make them understand that isn’t possible to have everything you want, but one of the things that you can do to twist all this problem is simple: give them surprise gifts once in a while! You know that toy that they really wanted last month?

Give them completely out of the blue – it’s a nice way to surprise them, and of course, to make them growing a happy child. Doing this will make them learn that not only during their childhood but also during their life, good things are coming their way, so they will see more positive things in the future.

Ø Highlight their positive points and Encourage their talents

For children, nothing feels better and nothing makes them happier than seeing not only their work but also their personality and their attitudes recognized. This is really important to growing a happy child!

Of course, this is something to do during the long-term and not something to do every day because, if you do that, it will simply lose its meaning.

Also, a lot of kids have some hobbies that they enjoy, like playing piano, singing or even playing some sport. If so, you should give them the possibility to explore their talents with specialized classes – doing what they like will definitely make them growing a happy child.

Ø Don’t compare your child with his colleagues

One of the things that parents do the most is comparing their child with his colleagues, and that is extremely wrong.

Everyone is different, and that being said, parents shouldn’t growing happy childmake comparisons with the people around their child. Saying things like “Oh, but your best friend had a much better grade than you!” or “Your cousin does the homework faster than you” will make your child feel not only sad, but also disappointed with himself.

If this behavior goes along during the process of growing up, the kid will probably lose some of his self-esteem and will also have the tendency to compare his actions and his results with the actions and results of anyone around him, not feeling good enough.

Ø Try to not have arguments with your husband/wife in front of your child

Adults know how easy it is to start an argument, even if it’s because of something nonsense or completely insignificant. Some couples, or even divorced parents, have strong and heavy arguments with each other in front of their kids, on the dinner table, on the car, or in so many other growing a happy child

During these arguments the voice tone usually gets pretty loud and some things, that shouldn’t be said, are said – kids listen to them, and start (over) thinking about it.

That will obviously make them sad, confused and scared, so if you are a parent and something is bothering you, just save the conversation for later when the kids are asleep and try to remain calm – because children can easily feel other’s feelings.

And don’t forget that even if you’re in a divorce phase that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make your child happy because you can. Good communication and good understanding are the keys to growing a happy child!

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