First teeth of your baby

The First teeth of your baby

The First teeth of your baby are appearing? What amazing new, isn’t it? But wait! Is your baby in pain? What should you do? You probably have lots of questions on your mind, and that’s why we are here: to help you in this moment! Don’t forget to have a look at our previous articles, such as emotional development of toddlers, growing a happy child, and others. They will help you being a great mom and dad! 

Many parents report that their babies get very angry and even ill when the teeth are emerging. Not all children will, however, suffer the same way at this stage but it is always good to stay alert! Check the first symptoms and know what to do when the First teeth of your baby emerge!

First teeth of your baby: First Symptoms

Many of the symptoms that parents have linked to the appearance of the dentition are denied by doctors, such as changes in pooping, fevers, or even drops in the nose. Many health professionals talk about a coincidence!The First teeth of your baby

So see what the real symptoms associated with the appearance of the First teeth of your baby!

  • Drool (which can then cause a skin irritation around the mouth)
  • Attempt to bite everything that lies ahead
  • Swelling and tenderness in the gums
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Lack of appetite
  • Trouble sleeping

Some Paediatricians say that the stress babies feel during the eruption of teeth, can lower immunity and leave the babies most vulnerable to infection. Perhaps for this reason, other symptoms arise at the same time, but due to other problems.

So Whenever you are uncertain, check the temperature of your baby, and if something is not right, contact your doctor or go to pediatric emergencies.

First teeth of your baby: What to do to ease the discomfort?


To relieve the pain in the gums caused by the rupture of the first teeth of your baby, you can give him a teether of those that can be stored for a few minutes in the fridge.birth of the First teeth of your baby

If your baby is already been feeding with solid foods, try to give him more cold food, such as mashed apple, a milk pudding, or fruit yogurt. The cold numbs the area of the gums!

You can also swipe your finger pretty clean by the gums of your child. A good firm massage in the gum, until you hear a little noise of friction, can help a bit!

In case none of the tips help, consult your paediatrician. They can prescribe some painkillers. Remember, always consult your paediatrician and never self-medicate your child.

Learn that the dosages of the drug depend on the weight and age of the baby, and you still can be giving the wrong medication to the situation, even if it has been used for the baby of your sister, okay?First tooth of your baby

Although I have already warned to always consult your paediatrician also know that drugs with aspirin in the formula is associated with a disease that can be fatal Reye’s syndrome, and can trigger allergic and haemorrhagic processes. So it is very important to consult your paediatrician ever!

I hope I helped you with our tips. Your baby surely will thank you for the inconvenience that can be avoided because of the birth of the first teeth of your baby!

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