The first baby toys

the first baby toys tips

Don’t you know what to offer to your little baby? Have a look at The first baby toys so you can purchase the best ones for your child. You need to pay attention to the age of your baby because there are different toys depending on your baby’s age. Also, have a look at some of our previous posts, such as choosing your paediatrician and potty training tips

One of the first gifts that many babies receive is a rattle, but the baby will not be able to grab it until he has greater control of his body and his hands.

The truth is that babies do not need many toys, but some that are suitable for them as it helps them to stimulate them physically and sensuously.

So, what are The first baby toys? Let’s look! 

The first baby toys – Offer the right ones! 


When babies are born they are unable to control their ends or their head. It is through the five senses they discover the world, and it is through them that they receive different stimuli. Therefore, the first baby toys should be those that stimulate all the senses.the first baby toys tips

All toys that they can see and hear are the most suitable in the first months. Then, as they get older, you can include toys that they can play, suck and bite (yes, there will come a time that they’re going to put everything in their mouth!).

Until 6 months

Toys at this age should help them find their body and enhance their skills with sounds, shapes, textures, colours.

So you can choose from musical mobiles, the teethers, rubber dolls, and activity mats. Do not give rigid toys to the baby, because at this point they do not have a control of the movements of the arms.

7 to 12 months

Toys for babies of this age should encourage them to crawl in order to know better the world around them and to encourage them to take the first steps, and improve motor function.

Opt for balls, toys with sounds, rocking chairs, games for stacking, and those toys with forms to fit them.the-first-baby-toy

From 1 year

Toys should be directed to the babies acquire new skills like putting feet and take its first steps, grab more consistently objects and stimulate curiosity.

You can buy baby walkers, toys stacking, beat, build, launch, among others.

These must be the first baby toys. So, as you can see, there are different toys for different ages, so you must pay attention to it.

Regardless of the toy be those that emit sounds of cars, animals, or those fabric toys, to stack or fit, you should always take into account security. It is important to always take into account the safety of toys.

Very small objects that they can swallow, it is out of the question, as well as old toys, which are in poor condition, or those who are not certified, or that may cause injury.

So, enjoy your baby’s first times offering him the first baby toys appropriate to them!

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