Emotional development of toddlers

Emotional development toddlers conflict

It’s very important to understand the social and emotional development of toddlers for you to be able to help them growing up  healthily. In this post, you will know everything you need for toddlers from 12 to 36 months. Take a look! 

Emotional development of toddlers – From 12 to 24 monthsEmotional development toddlers

It’s important that you understand that your relationship with your toddler gives him a sense of safety, encouragement, confidence and comfort. Young children learn with you how to form friendships, how to communicate and deal with challenges. Because of that, it is very important that you have supported relationships with your baby and also he keeps connections with adults and friends too. It will develop trust, compassion, empathy and a conscience of what is right and wrong. Let’s see how it goes emotional development of toddlers!


Young toddlers are starting to understand that they are separated and independent from others which help them to understand that not everybody thinks and feels the same way. It will help your little one to develop empathy (your baby will put himself in another person’s shoes). Emotional development toddlers peers


In this age, they are also more interested in their peers, although they don’t usually play closely with other kids (they will begin to play with others when they are near the age of 3).


All children learn faster if they have challenges that they successfully resolve. Help them so they don’t become overly frustrated. Showing them how to solve the problem and then letting them finish it is a great way to encourage the emotional development of toddlers but never do this without giving them some time to solve it. You only need to step in when you realize your toddler starts to get frustrated. Emotional development toddlers conflict


It’s very important that you help your little toddler to resolve conflicts in an appropriate way. Especially toddlers until 2 years old have little self-control. They don’t understand that they cannot have everything when they want. You need to teach them to follow some rules and especially how to share.

You can provide your little one some time playing in a group and show him how to share toys. Control the time each one play with a toy and in the meantime try to get your baby involved with something else. You can also plan play turn-taking games.

No matter who is right, in every conflict always redirect your toddler’s attention to something else. It’s important for the emotional development of toddlers learn to self-control.


Young toddlers usually feel like the world is scary that’s because when they start to walk they can find themselves in an unknown place and falling more times so you must help him to feel safe and secure.  For the emotional development of toddlers, you can encourage him to explore safely and try to have routines and transitions that make your toddler’s day predictable. Emotional development for toddlers friendship


It’s essential that your little one knows the culture around him in his everyday routines. The culture shows him who he is giving him an identity and self-esteem. Teach your toddler the most important words like mother, father, pacifier, blanket, and so on. Another great way to show him right and wrong is choosing books and music that reflect your home culture.

Emotional development of toddlers – From 24 to 36 months

In this age, your little one is more predisposed to play interactively with other children. They also are capable of developing their own ideas and stories. Apart of it, they are more likely to understand the feelings of others (empathy) although they still love to say “No”. Let’s see social and emotional development of toddlers from 24 to 36 months. Emotional development for toddlers feelings


Your baby is experiencing complex feelings, such as embarrassment and shame. So you must talk to him and explain some emotions he is feeling. Teach your baby the correct words associated with some emotions so he can talk about it. Try to show them to your toddler through cartoons and games. Pay attention to your toddler is telling you while he plays. Every act tells you what he is feeling (fears and cares). You must help him express his feelings in an appropriate way (non-hurtful and expressive ways).


Encourage your toddler to make some friends. Little ones need to play together to learn how to share, take turns, and resolve conflicts. Plan some activities your baby can have with his peers (maybe some toddlers of your friends) to encourage the emotional development of toddlers. Emotional development for toddlers friendship


Just like toddlers with 12-24 months, they develop new skills faster when you challenge them enough (but never becoming overly frustrated). Teach them persistence and hard work!


In this age, they must learn when they need to stop. As your little one understands more words and meanings you can explain him the reason of the limits and limitations. Don’t forget to make it simple and always tell him the benefits of rules.

If you have read this article with attention you understood how important the parents role is in the emotional development of toddlers. So take some ideas and go ahead!

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