Educational toys for kids development

Educational toys babies development

Find the best Educational toys for kids development in this post and make sure your child have a great development and grows up a happy child! I suggest you read this post with 5 tips to plan a party in London. You can get great ideas from there! Now, let’s check the best toys for helping in your kid’s development. 

All toys, even the educational, will largely depend on the age of your child. Let’s see what the best toys for every stage of your baby, so that you can stimulate your baby to develop various skills, from the physical, cognitive, to social.

Best Educational toys for kids development


As we said, the Educational toys for kids development depend on the age of the child. Therefore, we divide the best into child stages, so that you can give your baby the right stimuli.Educational toys babies development

1-2 Months

At this point, your baby can see objects 20-25cm away, but no details or just see a blur of one colour. He is also able to follow the objects slowly with eyes at short distances, do simple facial expressions, is surprised with loud sounds, and still keeps clenched fists.

  • Gyms
  • Mobiles

3-4 Months

At this point, your baby already recognizes the parents, recognize when something is familiar, can now rely on the elbows and lift the chest, turns his head following the sound, he can now pick up the objects and shake. Check the best Educational toys for kids development. 

  • Gyms and Mobiles
  • Rattles and teethers

5 Months

With 5 months, your baby can reach and pick up the toys, smiles at other babies, he can now do more than one thing at a time, he already adjusts the hand position to receive an object, can roll over on his stomach to his back, and it is at this age that he begins to bring objects to the mouth.

  • Gyms
  • Toys with music and lights

6 Months

At 6 months, your baby can sit, looks for an object when it falls, like to play simple things like “found”, and participate in activities that take place around him.

  • Toys of stacking
  • Toys that encourage crawling

7-8 Months

With seven months he already supports and balances on hands and knees, answer when called by his name, already has a full-colour vision, and begins to fit his hands on toys and push them closer. Take a look at the best Educational toys for kids development. 

At 8 months, the baby is crawling, starts connecting behaviours, understand object permanence, remembers recent events, articulated sounds, and now picks up small objects.

  • Entertainment centers that encourage the baby to crawl and stand up
  • Toys of stacking

9-10 Monthsbest Educational toys for kids development

Here your baby already has more varied movements, follows with his eyes, now reaches a toy without falling, and the hands are more skilled.

  • Toys to choose and assemble
  • Toys that encourage physical development, such as standing or walking
  • Toys with buttons
  • Toys that stimulate verbal language

11 Months

Your baby now stays up without help, starts to notice some words, begin to realize that some objects fit inside the other, he can stand up alone.

  • Toys that encourage eye-hand coordination
  • Swings and walkers

12 Months

He imitates the action of others, like talking on the phone, he likes other children (but not play with them), only makes sounds in the language he knows and shows already affection. Which are the best Educational toys for kids development? 

  • musical toys
  • Toys that encourage physical development

12-24 MonthsEducational toys for babies development

  • books
  • cars, trucks, trains, and other vehicles

24-36 Months

  • Vehicles for children
  • cars, trucks, trains, and other vehicles
  • books

3 years old

  • Sets and action figures

4+ years old

  • Cars, vehicles and remote control toys


Did you enjoy our post? I hope I have helped you choosing the best Educational toys for kids development! 

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