Counseling for kids at school

counseling for kids school

In this article, we will talk about counseling for kids at school.Nowadays there is a bunch of problems that affect kids at school age, and sometimes it can be difficult to talk to them and understand what might be going on. Find out more about this matter in this post, but have a look also to our posts about common learning disabilities and growing a happy child.

Trying to cope with this situation, now many primary schools have counsellors in the school for at least a part of the week. 

Benefits of Counseling for kids at school


A counsellor is a person who has been trained to help kids with their problems, by listening without judging and helping them sorting out their feelings and thoughts.

He or She may also be a teacher, there might be more than one and they may work with one kid at a time.counseling for kids at school benefits

In primary schools, they often use creative activities such as drawing, art, and writing to help a child express their concerns.

They may have a special room in the school where parents can go and see at any time.

When children are experiencing difficulties at home or in school their concentration and the way they behave can be significantly affected.

Counseling for kids at school provides a chance for children to talk, in trust, about things that are bothering them or affecting her life. They can talk about everything, from bullying, parental separation, to friendships, bereavement, or anger.

By providing emotional support and enabling children to “offload” feelings and anxieties, it can help children focus more in classes, feel better about themselves and build their self-confidence and self-respect.counseling for kids school

There is a need to enable kids to trust the counsellors, what itself might be a good experience of development, and self-trust. In order to do this they:

  • Listen and try to understand if they are worried about anything, if they are having problems at home or with any other kid, teenager or adult;
  • Help in decision-making processes;
  • Help to study and in learning, with methods and strategies;
  • Can teach problem-solving abilities;
  • Help kids feel safe ad confident

Usually, counseling for kids at school lasts for 1 to 2 terms, the length of time that might provide enough for issues to be explored by the child and counsellor.

The counsellor will regularly talk with the child, evaluate the usefulness of counselling and if they both feel there is no need for more sessions, they will come to an end.

Sometimes the meetings are private, sometimes there is a small group of kids for group therapy: all the kids might be suffering from the same or similar problems, like too many worries, stress, difficulties learning or bullying.

Counseling for kids at school can be a great way to help kids develop themselves, grow stronger and work their way through primary schools.

As they grow older, they will inevitably deal with more responsibilities, difficulties and questions, but if they feel okay with themselves this road will be a lot easier.

If you think or suspect there might something going on with your kid, give a try to this counseling for kids at school.

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