Common learning disabilities

Common learning disability

Do you know which are the Common learning disabilities? We are going to tell you the most common ones! Do not confuse learning disabilities with learning disorders. They are very different things. See everything in this article. Also, read our previous articles about growing a happy child and building up your kids personality. They can be quite useful to you too!

For many parents, the terms “disabilities” and “disorder” of learning have the same meaning. However, it is necessary that you know they are two different issues and that they manifest themselves and should be treated in different ways.

So, take a look at the most Common learning disabilities. 

Most Common learning disabilities


Learning disabilities usually are related to external factors, which interferes with the child’s learning process.

The school’s methodology or teachers can negatively influence your child, as well as some problems with colleagues, or even parents.

On the contrary, disorders usually are intrinsic and part of the pupil. That is, the learning disorders may be linked to a neurological disorder, chemical, hereditary factors, immaturity of other internal factors.

Given that many people think that these two problems are the same, so let’s see which are the most common learning disabilities.most Common learning disabilities

Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity

This is a problem of inattention, regardless the child has not hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is when the child is agitated, when he can not sit still. Usually, they hurt themselves more often, have no patience for anything, often interrupt conversations, among other symptoms.


This is a disability to learn all that is related to numbers such as mathematical operations; difficulty understanding the concepts and the application of mathematics; following sequences; classify numbers, among others.


In this case, the child has a speech disorder characterized by difficulty in articulating words and poor pronunciation, omitting, adding, changing or distorting the phonemes.Common learning disability


This learning disability is related to the difficulty to learn and develop written language skills, it is a specific disorder of spelling that usually accompanies dyslexia.

These are the most Common learning disabilities. 

Given that many people still confuse disorder with learning disabilities, it is very important to know the differences between them, so that you can follow correctly your child.

So before you put your child in individual classes, look for a clinical diagnosis in order to know what are the problems of learning that your child has.

Know also that confusing disorder with learning disabilities can come to cause serious problems in the lives of your children, and in fact, if you treat them likewise, you will not have the desired effect.

Ideally, look for an educational psychologist, which is a specialized professional to diagnose problems in the student’s learning process. So if you intend to figure out which your child’s learning problems, contact one.

I hope I have helped you with this post. Always look for professional staff that can help you understanding what is your child’s problem. It can save a lot of time and money. Find an educational psychologist and figure out if your little one has one of the most Common learning disabilities. 

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