Choosing your paediatrician

Choosing your paediatrician help

It’s very important that children has a regular doctor to follow their day-to-day childhood problems. That’s why Choosing your paediatrician is so important! It can save your child life so you should be very carefully when you are choosing your child specialist. 

Choosing your paediatrician: What to have into account?

The choosing of our kid’s paediatrician is very important and we must be very carefully when we are choosing him. There are some parameters that we must have into account. Choosing your paediatrician family doctor


First of all ask your family doctor to refer you a good professional close to your residence. Your family doctor is the ideal person to give you all references and help you Choosing your paediatrician. 


We know how difficult is choosing your paediatrician but you can ask your close relatives and friends to refer you a good one. They give us confidence and it’s crucial for good relationship with our health professionals.

SOME QUESTIONS Choosing your paediatrician family doctor questions

No matter who refers you a paediatrician you have to ask for some qualifications such as:

  • Is he/she competent? Usually good professionals spend a lot of time on the first visit with parents and children.
  • Is he/she a good listener?
  • Does he/she ask only for necessary investigations and prescribe only a few drugs? It’s important choosing your paediatrician that is very directed and knows exactly what to do.
  • Is he/she available for emergencies? That’s really important to know, mainly if we are talking about your first child. We know that you have a lot of questions and every signs of disease leave you in panic.
  • Is he/she fond of children? If your paediatrician treats your child like he is his/her own child I’m sure you choose the best one!
  • If children seem comfortable with their paediatrician you have made a good decision.
  • Does he/she ask for a second opinion? No one know everything and if your kid’s doctor is known by asking for second opinions it’s a good sign!

Choosing your paediatrician: For a good relationship! 

After choosing your paediatrician you have to ensure that your relationship is good. Choosing your paediatrician help


  • In your first visit prepare all informations that can interest your doctor like past illnesses and family history. In case you forgot some important informations write down them and let your doctor knows in the next visit.
  • Put the child into loose clothing for your paediatrician make a better examination.
  • Please be silent while your doctor is writing a prescription to help him/her focus and concentrate.
  • DO NOT SELF MEDICATE your child. It’s very important that your doctor examine your little baby before starting any drugs! Sometimes the symptoms may seem the same but it doesn’t mean that the last medication given is appropriate.

YOUR RELATIONSHIPChoosing your paediatrician dentistry

No matter what, always treat your doctor with respect that he/she deserves. She/he is a human being and she/he has her/his moods. It’s OK if your paediatrician get tired and annoyed.

After all that’s been said I’m sure you will have all informations you will need to make a good decision and choosing your paediatrician is much easier!

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