Best toys for a 1 year old child

Find the Best toys for a 1 year old child in this post and ensure your little baby develops healthy! Toys can help in your baby development, did you know? It’s true! And that’s why we need to choose the best ones, even if they are not so cute! Read on and find everything! Also, take a look at our previous posts about first teeth of your baby and Pros and Cons of having your babies photos online Continue reading “Best toys for a 1 year old child”

Pros and cons of using pacifier

Know the Pros and cons of using pacifier! Most of the mums have doubts when we talk about pacifiers. Some people say that we should use them, other warn against it. But what is the real truth? That’s what we are going to check today. Also, check our post about choosing your paediatrician and growing a happy child. They can help you too!  Continue reading “Pros and cons of using pacifier”

Teach your kids to use a spoon

Teach your kids to use a spoon with these simple tips we have to give you. So your baby grows a happy child, you must pay attention to a few things, such as potty training tips. Well, now that your little one already eats with his fingers, you can think about inserting the spoon on his meals. Don’t you know how to do this? Take a look at some tips!  Continue reading “Teach your kids to use a spoon”