Building up your kids personality

help building up your kids personality

You’ve probably wondered many times how you could Building up your kids personality. In fact, each child is unique and has her own personality. Since the first months, they demonstrate their temperament, or at insistent rattle or throwing the teddy bear to the ground. However, it is from 3 years to 5 years old that your child’s personality will emerge.

So what are the changes that we can expect during this period of time? What we parents can do to conduct in the best way the personality of our children? Should we give complete freedom to the child? Or rather, we should intervene at all?
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How to building up your kids personality


Self-Expression and Self Control

Before we talk about building up your kids personality, we need to refer the stages of it. This is when children begin to express themselves best through words. Then they will be able to express almost anything they feel from that building up your kids personalityIt is also during this period that children learn to have a little self-control. They become more self-confident, leaving behind that blind trust only in you and other family members. They also learn to deal with fear, anger and euphoria, becoming more calm and attentive.

Self-confidence and Treat Others

It is also during these years that preschoolers will build their self-confidence. They will overcome challenges daily, which makes them feel more secure in themselves.
It is also at this time that they learn to deal with others. You will notice that they are increasingly concerned about you, they realize that parents have feelings and needs. So they begin to show affection.

So, what is your role in building up your kids personality?

There are a few ways for you to help the development of the personality of your little loved one. In fact, there are many ways of conducting the best possible way this process. Consider:

  • First of all,  mentalize yourself that your child is unique. There are no two equal children, and these differences can be enormous, even among siblings. So parents should be sensitive to these differences, pointing out the strengths and meeting the needs of each.
  • Another key point that helps in building up your kids personality is the incentive to play.
    In fact, play has a huge influence on the development of personality. So you should choose good toys for you to give to your child. Give time for your child to play. It is essential he has time to play. So do not overload his schedule with various activities.building up your kid personalityPlay helps them to develop not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. When playing with other children, they are still able to learn to play together, learn the value of sharing, mutual aid, and also helps him to learn how to overcome conflicts and develop imagination.
  • Avoid labels. Let your child’s personality develop naturally without him feel labeled. Avoid thus words like bossy, nagging, shy, and so on.
  • Give the example. Children always imitate what their parents do, so always set a good example for him to follow.
  • Personality is not a thing purely biological. The nurture also has a great influence.
  • Do not require your child to be your image. He is a unique person, not your image reflected in the mirror.

So even though you should let your child’s personality flow naturally, you can contribute to building up your kids personality! 

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