Breastfeeding myths and realities

Breastfeeding myths and reality

Find the Breastfeeding myths and realities in this post and keep you informed as to not make common mistakes of moms. Also, have a look at all our posts, such as choosing your paediatrician and Pros and Cons of having your babies photos online. They can help you being successful in your mom’s days. 

We can understand the act of breastfeeding as the action of feeding a newborn with his mother’s milk. It’s by this act that the two create a strong bond that connects them, the baby feels safe while listening to the heartbeat of his mother and on the other hand the mother feels happy by the proximity that has the child.Breastfeeding myth and realities

Despite being a simple act this one creates many doubts around it, appearing this way many myths of dubious origin that leave mainly new mothers confused about the issue. But how to distinguish the myths from the facts?

In this article, we’ll cover five topics to put your doubts aside! Take a look at the Breastfeeding myths and realities. 

5 Breastfeeding myths and realities


Do you need some onformation about Breastfeeding myths and realities? Take a look at the most common doubts about this issue.

1 – Can we freeze breast milk?

Yes. In order to keep its nutritional characteristics, breast milk can be frozen up to a maximum of 15 days. The mother can remove her milk and leave the milk in the fridge for when the baby is out of the house.5 Breastfeeding myths and realities

2 – Can the type of food that the mother eats be reflected on her milk?

Yes. The main recommendation is that the mother should eat healthily and have a balanced diet and it’s also recommended to avoid alcohol, coffee and greasy foods like chocolate, but this last two can be eaten, not exaggeratedly though (for example: a cup of coffee isn’t bad if consumed in the morning as a habit but if you drink more than that it can be bad).

3 – Some women produce weaker milk.

Myth. Among all Breastfeeding myths and realities, this one is very important. There isn’t a human milk that’s better than other: all women produce good milk, even if the mother is under nurtured her milk will have the same quality as one good nurtured mother’s milk.

4 – The nowadays formulas are almost as the mother’s milk.

Myth. The mother’s milk is unique and the first time the baby is fed by it, it is like receiving a first protective injection for Breastfeeding myths and realityhim helping him increasing his immunity against illness.

5 – Hot water compresses help with solid milk.

Myth. In order to help with this situation you’ll want to massage the area or take off the milk since the compress may make it (the solid milk) worse because it increases the quantity of melted milk in the breast.

Last but not least it’s important to say that your nervous system does affect your breast milk and the quantity produced so be sure to rest and not get anxious. If you’re having a nervous time take a rest or a good night to sleep and leave someone responsible for feeding your baby with your milk through a glass or other container.

Hope I have helped you with this post. If you know other Breastfeeding myths and realities let us know.

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