Best toys for a 1 year old child

toys for a 1 year old child

Find the Best toys for a 1 year old child in this post and ensure your little baby develops healthy! Toys can help in your baby development, did you know? It’s true! And that’s why we need to choose the best ones, even if they are not so cute! Read on and find everything! Also, take a look at our previous posts about first teeth of your baby and Pros and Cons of having your babies photos online

Is it been a year? Nor can believe who have passed 12 months since your baby was born, is not it?

Many discoveries, physical progress, and lots of fun! Know that every confidence that you deposited will help your baby to be prepared for the victories of the second year.Find the Best toys for a 1 year old child

And so you must continue to support his development by choosing the Best toys for a 1 year old child.

Find the Best toys for a 1 year old child


Now your 12 months baby already understands a lot of what you say to him, he imitates the action of others, such as talking on the phone.

He also takes a toy, of the way to pick up another, like other children (but does not play with them!), can anticipate your action (for example, when you take in his sweater, he stretches his little arms), and he is capable to show affection with kisses, hugs and lots of smiles!

However, remember that each child develops at their own time, and winning victories at different times.

But, at this age, we can suggest you some toys to help in your baby’s development. The Best toys for a 1 year old child are the musical toys, and those ones which help in your baby’s physical development. toys for a 1 year old child


Musical toys help your baby to learn more. However note some points.

Let the baby play with the toy independently. This is where he starts to develop autonomously. Be there to help if he needs you and offer motivation: “You can do it … come on!”.

Inventing a song can be quite fun for both. Start by making a sound with the toy, and ask the child to imitate you, or vice versa.

You can also clap your hands or sing to stimulate the child. If you know how to play some instrument, then you can accompany the child with it. This type of games of “I can” increase the self-esteem of your child, and stay in memory for the rest of his life!toys for a 1 year old baby


This type of toys are great for 1 y.o. babies. Why these are one of the Best toys for a 1 year old child? Look!

They leave the baby in control. When he balances and coordination increases your 1 year old baby will have better control of the action. So he will be able to move to investigate different functions, which makes him exercise gross motor coordination.

At this stage, your baby will quickly understand how to make an action happen. You can play of activating lights or sounds (one does, the other repeats). Start putting words in action, for example, “you just push the button that turns on the lights.”

Build joy as well as cognitive skills, giving tips to something that will happen.

Did you like our article? Let us know your opinion and if you know other interesting types of toys not mentioned here, don’t be afraid to tell us. We will have all pleasure to extend our list of the Best toys for a 1 year old child! 

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