Arts and crafts with clay

great arts and crafts with clay

Hi there! Today we have some great ideas for arts and crafts with clay. Making them helps to build up your kids personality, and it’s a great way to have lots of fun during the weekend or in the holidays. You just need to have some water at your side and, of course, some imagination to create beautiful things. Take a look at some ideas we have to give you! 

There are plenty ways to work with clay and it is just awesome if you want to do something different with your kids. It is also great to stimulate your kids’ imagination and wake up their interests to handcrafts and arts.

So, let’s stop talking and let’s go to work some arts and crafts with clay! 

Fun and Easy Arts and Crafts with Clay

great arts and crafts with clay

We have 6 ideas that you can use to work with clay. Are you curious to know which are they? Take a look!

  1. Drawing in clay with pasta! 

If you have some pasta remaining in your home, know that you can reuse it to make some beautiful drawings in clay. It’s fantastic to play with little kids, the material is super easy to find and the result is even better! You are going to need clay slabs, and different types of pasta, such as Farfalle, penne, fusilli or spaghetti. You can create abstract designs, patterns or small landscapes creating texture on the smooth surface of the fresh clay with the pasta you have chosen. Then you can colour them and then you let it dry.

2. Clay Coloured Animals

You can make lots of animals in clay. For example, you can make a fish and you can colour it with acrylic paint, or if you want something original you can colour it with spangles. It will be just amazing!

3. Playing in nature

Another tip that you can enjoy in your arts and crafts with clay is enjoying a day in the park finding several nature’s elements with your kids. Then you can print the elements you picked up in small clay balls. After they are dried, you can use them as table’s decoration, or as a paperweight.

4. Clay Vulcano with Eruption

And what a volcano? To sustain the top of it, you can use a disposable cup recovered with clay. After it is dried you can find some recipes to make a volcano’s eruption on the web. best arts and crafts with clay

5. Childhood Memory

And what about perpetuating your child’s childhood in the clay? Print your little one hands or feet in the clay. It will be just gorgeous! Who have said is not beautiful arts and crafts with clay? 

6. Fingerprint

You can make a pendant made from the baby fingerprint in clay. You can cut it with regular scissors or even cups to play with clay. The hole for the insert is made with a toothpick. It will be just beautiful!

Did you like our ideas? Do you have some more? The imagination has no limits, so don’t hesitate in telling us your ideas for arts and crafts with clay! 

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