Building up your kids personality

You’ve probably wondered many times how you could Building up your kids personality. In fact, each child is unique and has her own personality. Since the first months, they demonstrate their temperament, or at insistent rattle or throwing the teddy bear to the ground. However, it is from 3 years to 5 years old that your child’s personality will emerge. Continue reading “Building up your kids personality”

Growing a happy child

One of the questions that the majority of the parents asks themselves and to others is: How can I grow a happy child? The truth is, there are lots of books dedicated to explaining how growing a happy child, lots of academic studies about children’s behavior, psychologists and people who work with children that learn in school and college some techniques for dealing with children, making them capable of understand what they think and how to make them happy. But are they getting good results? Continue reading “Growing a happy child”